Forward Midi events to a redis and an OSC server.
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Forward Midi events to redis/OSC

Miredis hooks to all midi devices connected and listen for events. Miredis can optionnaly hook to opensourced Link protocol (200+ music & videos apps) -> “/beat” & “/bpm” All events are forwarded to a redis server and an OSC server.


Run :


See options :

python3 -h

To enable Link :

python3 -link

New Features

  • Added verbose mode -v
  • Added redis subscribe events
  • Added Clitools program selection mode for Launchpads


/midi/noteon midichannel note velocity

/midi/noteoff midichannel note

/midi/cc midichannel ccnumber value




/beat beatnumber

/bpm bpm

Redis keys

”/midi/noteon/midichannel” value : “note/velocity”

”/midi/noteoff/midichannel” value : “note”

”/midi/cc/midichannel/ccnumber” value : “ccvalue”

”/beat” value : “beatnumber”

”/bpm” value : “currentbpm”

Redis : midi events published to “/midi/last_event”