A Road-Warrior type install script for a matrix bot manager.
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Maubot installer

Bash installer for https://github.com/maubot/maubot/ with nginx and letsencrypt frontend.

Once installed, you will be able to run matrix bots in the wild!

See this tutorial for details.


Debian Buster minimum as you need Python 3.6 or higher

crash course

# 1. First create a subdomain which points to your server IP address

# 2.a) Then download and install
wget https://git.interhacker.space/alban/maubot-installer/raw/branch/master/install.sh/
bash install.sh

# 2.b) Or clone with git
git clone https://git.interhacker.space/alban/maubot-installer.git
cd maubot-installer
bash install.sh

# 3) Run the secure db install for security
bash secure-db-install.sh

# Optionnaly use the plugin installer if you cloned
# Edit the variables
$EDITOR plugin-install.sh 
# OR use a config file
cp config.default config && $EDITOR config
bash plugin-install.sh

The script asks you some questions before install.

  • Which domain will be used to connect to your bot (ex: maubot.example.com)?

Caution, this one requires you to act BEFORE you install, or things might not work.

Maubot has a web frontend, so it is recommanded to create a subdomain to host it.

Provide the subdomain you created as a reply.

  • Which domain is the matrix ‘Home Server’ you register your bots on?

If you’re not sure, you probably don’t run your own matrix server. It’s fine. Just provide the matrix server on which you will create your bot’s account.

  • What will be your user name in the maubot interface?

Maubot is a web app with a login / password interface. What will be your login?

  • What will be the pass for user ‘$maubot_user’ in the maubot interface?

Maubot is a web app with a login / password interface. What will be your password?

  • Do you want to enable SSL via letsencrypt [Y/n]?

By default, this script will get an SSL/TLS certificate for you. This is the recommended and secure way.

  • If the ‘Home Server’ is yours, what is the registration secret (ignore if you don’t know what this is)?

If you run your own matrix server, provide the hyper secure registration secret password. Otherwise, let it empty.

  • Which install dir to use (Default: /opt/maubot)?

Where do you intend the maubot code to reside on your server.

  • Which unix user will own and execute the maubot code?

Which system user will be responsible for running the server.

Using the config file

The scripts use a config file to record your variables.

cp config.sample config
nano config # Edit 


Feel free to post issues here on https://git.interhacker.space/alban/maubot-installer/issues

Known problems

Some plugins might require additional pip packages, you might have to install them by hand.