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  Lomanic 4320babfa6 Add better logs to /status route 11 months ago
  Lomanic ef10e0fcb4 Don't panic at runtime in case of temporary network hiccups 11 months ago
  Lomanic d3d1b1676c Set Matrix online status and mark encountered messages as read 1 year ago
  Lomanic 91999707d0 Check matrix credentials early on init 1 year ago
  Lomanic 257677b313 Add go-get install instructions in README 1 year ago
  Lomanic 7ab566fcfa Use github.com/matrix-org/gomatrix to interact with matrix instead of custom code 1 year ago
  Lomanic 32afdde63d Properly report JSON decoding error in init 1 year ago
  Lomanic 006ab04b8c Properly check env variables in init 1 year ago
  Lomanic ee78e7cd15 Make this repo go modules aware 1 year ago
  Lomanic 663855f268 Add proper landing page 1 year ago
  Lomanic a2f15a9f68 Post space opening/closure posting on (lack of) ESP ping 1 year ago
  Lomanic 16dc72f1bf Inital go version 1 year ago